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CBC Grade books are Strenuous and time-consuming to fill and tend to be utilized only at the end of the term. Kurasa offers a revolutionary way to implement and manage CBC online easily. CBC assessments can be filled in time by all teachers simultaneously and reports sent out to parents weekly

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Holistic Education

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Kurasa enables teachers to conduct formative, summative, and performance-based assessments to support a competency-based approach to teaching and learning. This includes both KICD and non-KICD evaluations such as Psycho-emotional, Physical performance, and Faith-based values.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Kurasa is accessible from your PC/Tablet not just in school but anywhere at all times.

Easy to use

Teachers find Kurasa extremely easy to use to achieve. It takes less than 2 minutes to assess your entire class.

Your data is secure

Your data is confidential and only accessible by your school account and parents. All the information is password protected within the user accounts.

Live analytics

Slice and dice your assessment outcomes. Kurasa offers teachers and departments the unique ability to monitor class performances in real-time.

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Built upon the foundation of a well-structured competency-based curriculum, Kurasa aims to ensure each learner's progress can be monitored and relevant interventions introduced in a prompt fashion. Kurasa places simple yet powerful technology tools in the hands of tutors to help them deliver best.
At Kurasa we are driven by the following values

  • The urgency to deliver the best to impart the upcoming generations
  • We are constantly learning and work to ensure learning never stops for the students we serve.
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